Imagine More

Oh Wow!

Imagine $150 million in my account today.

What would stay?



What I do?

Where I live?

How I live?

Would I breathe with great

er ease?

Would I know the next ’how’ easier or better?

Would I feel the calls I felt before?

• call to write blog, book, create community?

• call to counterpart?

• call to self and nature?

• call to share and invest?

The physical expand may amplify.

Is the Etheric and Spiritual changed at all by it?

What about mind?

The crux for me...following the Call.

Where does it go, how, why, etc.

All in accordance to the call.

Plugging into the grandeur design.

Plugging into dreams still carried via an internal stream no matter how physical one may’s the connection to it in where we thrive.

So how does more change the relationship to anything?

An accelerant?

An amplifier?

Is it a miracle and beautiful natural expansion or a burden?

A meaning to flee?

A meaning to root as a tree?

Is it similar with emotions, thoughts, feelings, connections, actions, etc.

All forms of communication.

Love Notes in the Grand Orchestration.

How it serves depends much on the Sound or Tune of ones inner voice/ noise.

Can one handle more or know what to do with more?

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