The View of the Many

The view of the many...they just don’t remember it yet.

See in certain realities...we are more likely to agree.

Actually, I feel we do in what we perceive as this one too.

We kinda don’t recognize it as we be a bit hyper focused on what is not working.

I mean when...

A Health industry speaks in how well it’s doing compared to death.

In a Food industry...that might not work.

In a Hospitality industry...that definitely wouldn’t work.

Can you imagine how this kind of Health Industry would sell a hotel stay with free continental breakfast?

Yeah, there may be a reason, when I was called to vacate more and more each day and pamper myself health improved.

It was almost a directive away from deaths door.

Can you imagine McDonalds selling a burger based on death stats?

Can you imagine if vacancy and no vacancy were about death?

Can you imagine how Mother Nature would sell a night in the forest via this Health Industry?

It’s not all does some swift acute trauma care and the humans mean well.

The chronic care...may be money maker and buyer be Aware.

Actually, a lot is about avoiding pain.


You didn’t hear...the Industry split over it some long years back. So a fork became known as MD and DO. One would not dissolve the other, simply push each other away.

One would flood with medicine and separation care and the other aligning with bodies more regenerative ways.

Now funny thing is their is a beyond or wholeness both come from. Knowing our own energy and how our connection with Spirit leads us there. Or an abrupt circumstance...NDE or spontaneous remission. There are lots of ways. Wonder how many awaking versus deaths with this virus?

What about Airline Industry?

I don’t think they lead with death stats to sell.

And what of subsidies?

We do for food and travel, yet not this Health industry?

Oh, maybe for insurance...and then some feel they won jackpot...suddenly they are wanted patients at a certain age or with certain conditions.

Every test seems green lit where prior had to fight to get.


So weird

So maybe the best RX would be to fly places...brochures say side effects are us thriving.

What if advertising changed tomorrow?

What if no one told you when or how you’d die?

What if I told you I have a sense for when people will die and know many people long past overdue by their Doctors diagnosi, while not yet on my radar.

What if we talked about Vitality statistics in this Health industr?

Gambling gives odds to winning, not losing!

Makes me wonder.

Is the joke on us?

Or have we been so serious about death, we couldn’t hear it or see it?

Many speak that death is transition and we can communicate with our loved ones in the beyond.

Why not promote that?

Oh, might find out about how death isn’t what we think it is and maybe we were sold something to beat odds about how we have been told we will die?

When a vacation and food options may have been the Golden Ticket all along.

Or a Rx to reconnect to our nature and elements.

Things I wonder after living years afraid of deaths door...and later learning there is sooooo much more 🤷‍♀️

Love notes to all..especially those stuck in ‘do no harm’...I still love you and appreciate the ways...they were once my own...and options for all now. I love free will, so for me it not about taking something’s more opening to the curiosity of our will😘

What truly is the view of many, from who’s point of view?

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