Thank You for Your Service

Everyone and everything is a service to the World and Creator.

Appreciation for that is thanksgiving for all that is.

How often I have torn it down, unappreciated it, or split it into multiple judgements?

In so doing, it occurs to me...split, unloved, and feeling torn...familiar?

I choose a whole experience when I realize.

Appreciating all as no one is without Source.

All is part of All.

Something in me feels a knowing to thanking for service.

For those showing up in my world and all in aspects of my world for it to be ~ I appreciate.

Saying I have love for all, can feel faltering with many meanings for me.

Saying appreciation alone, in general leaves judging at the door too close for comfort.

Something about appreciating service connects with me in a way that even surprised me.

Yet, deep within me it knows a truth of the service we all come here to provide our Souls, Spirit, Cosmos.

Joy is a word that calls purely in my being with one meaning.

To grow a garden of words with Direct Source like meaning resonating within...allows me to play in those energies.

I imagine, each word and phrase is different for all.

What are yours?


Thank you for your service and

Joy apparently are mine😌💫✨

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