Subtle notes

Love Notes work for me😘 The fun playful kind. The pouring ones heart out kind. Describing it as the energy of the Universe and its messages kind.

i love them

even when i don’t want to

Some larger Truth remembrance lives in them. Some awarenes, reflection, breath, and laughter. The mantra of “Everything is a Love Note, leading me to me” opens my eyes and lifts my heart in the muck, where I might be caught in figuring it out. These words remind me it already is whole...and I am receiving an energy from the Universe looking a perticular way to show me things. One could say, what I think that I don’t know I do. One could say, to slow down or change tempo. One could say, to see another way. One could say, to laugh at myself. One could say...all kinds of things. And so the current call and Love Note is for me to be here saying what One I can so say😘

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