I have come to experience...

Benefit from stepping away

Allowing things within to move

Come back with fresh eyes

Come back to hear anew

Come back to feel through

Some things rewrite super fast

Some things it’s a ponder

Some things oh me oh my...a call comes from it.

The latter is the current for me.

It came with an offer to draw me in.

I have free will, any will do, or will it.

What have the many years showed me and will I step up into a newer feel.

Will I love myself as I honor my soul joy call that appears to make no sense.

I get bit by bit of how it all may fit.

Will I stand and hear and answer each call within the grander call?

So many questions flow through all while something deep knows the true.

I have learned strong no’s and yes’s this year.

So come Dear know it’s clear.

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