Full Power

The dreamers are so awake.

The masculine coming back online.

The feminine beacon-ing.

I live in a different world and I relish it.

I was told, the only reason my former spouse and I were not together is that we live in different worlds. I knew the truth in that all while it seemed difficult to explain. Yet as years pass and it speaks in greater volume it has become so clear. The love is still here, the paths diverted. We see it and feel it, yet no going back to it. I was activated to walk a different path. Anything less is less than the full power version of me. A version calling for my service. This vessel and path have a way to be honored for what comes through it. I get to channel powerful energies and connect with powerful energies. To steward what is seemingly beyond me in full love, peace, and joy/joy/joy.

It’s a far cry from days of perpetual inner sadness. I had no idea then what didn’t fit. What wasn’t me. When all I wanted was to feel complete. I didn’t know the baggage I carried, even as I was called ‘bag lady’ during high school. For all the physical stuff I carried around. Fear of Death and feelings of being wrong and dangerous were my nemesis or valley of pain. Regularly living on hyper-alert to adjust myself to resolve what occurred about me, in classic form to keep the peace. It would prove unsustainable and leave me feeling a ghost in the world and to myself. It was wrapped in terror of success and failure, unbeknownst to myself, as all I felt was wrong. When I realized this fear of success and failure it became clear why I felt so often frozen or in self-sabotage mode. It also became more striking than ever why ‘movement’ was my innate solution. Moving period...whether mind, emotion, body, heart, Spirit... Years ago a mantra came through of Fresh Moving Gratitude. It came through when I was exhausted and overwhelmed and needed some focus or a touchstone reminder when I felt stuck, feeling there was no right choice. Doing one fresh thing, eating one fresh food, having one fresh thought was some kind of something out of the stuck and muck. Same for moving thy body, moving mind ideas, and or physical space. Same for connecting to one moments look or feel of gratitude worked as well. Anything to step out of stuck, even in the slightest way. I created a touchstone visual reminder of Fresh Moving Gratitude and placed it all over my space for remembrance in the tough moments. A map of sorts when feeling lost. It was a way through, ah heck, originally it was all I could do to move around the stuck, until some time later when I could go head on straight through it. Truly moving through fear felt like lifetimes. At some point Fresh Moving Gratitude transformed to Fresh Moving Healing. Which would tinker as a business idea, that would stall. No full clue then to success-failure inner wall or many other things. I recall the day years and lifetimes later when Fresh Moving _______ came through. As if a clear co-creation occurred with the beyond. Specifically with Wayne Dyer and his conversation on the dash of our life and not dying with your music still in you. The underscore being everything, though it came through in vision of it, as the All possible while alive that when we transition into beyond results in the everything/ underscore rising into our dash. Thus representing the invisible of what we leave here. Our imprint with life.

Playing and engaging with the infinite underscore/ everything of life is paramount. It’s our God Spark, the everything being played with in our own unique way. A-tuning to what Fresh Moving something’s (energy) coming through us at any moment. Every moment is a Virgin moment. Be in it. Be as one is. Allow it to speak and guide. As opposed to all the other voices in the world. It becomes clear, the benefit of learning/ retraining in hearing the ONE voice as it comes through ourselves and everyone else. How to hear Spirit beyond the words spoken or actions occurring. Deeper, clearer, truer...less distortion energy comes through every layer of me w/we I get to be. How clearly can I Divinate from within and without. How refined can my intuition become or be remembered. For me lots of what feels like walls/blocks/dams seemed to separate me from the Voice I know deep, deep within. That voice would come and go. I’d wobble. Only when I experienced an intense and prolonged amount of initiation experiences with building awareness of self did I I commit completely to my path and world. Then it finally began to feel clearer and clearer in the space of disconnect. Or maybe I got better at being okay as the illusion of separation and feelings of stuck appeared. A deeper knowing surfaced, seemingly more readily, thy soul-body remembering I was innately secure and connected no matter what I saw or felt. I walked through the fog/ mist enough to no longer see it as I had been humanly programmed to. I could sense beyond conditions. I was being guided. So many fellow path walkers and beacons arose along the way to bolster and guide me. One particular counterpart connection shared the journey from afar. I lost myself in it only to find myself and remember the All that is I am connected to. What I have found over and over is it’s all here! Especially, when we are most terrified it’s not and can swear it’s not in our world and desperately search in another's world for it. Somehow it’s here and we can surrender and allow to remember in ways beyond comprehension. To return to our infinite soul movements and heart spark. Love, peace, and joy are flavors of the unconditional infinite flow of all. It’s the drum beats in this world. To it, the truth of Fresh Moving _________ is its ever changing while being of no core change. What a play! All part of the Great Web of Life and beyond. It’s All here!

Peace making and loving my world. Know all can connect to their world in the most joyful way.

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