Darkness to Aglow

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Darkness my friend, came to visit again. She stayed a while, all better to see the lightness again. The reframing, reforming, reshining of me is revitalized by the darkness. Often it comes right when so much clarity has been pouring in, so it sometimes feels jarring. No doubt it gets my attention as it rolls through the octaves of my being, I get to recalibrate, of course, with all the feels. Do I need to share every detail for another to feel at ease or at peace? That is not the current call I feel. What is coming through is our infinite and our finite. As I was called to book by Wayne W Dyer and as he spoke about infinite and finite, the glare of recognition...oh, I be weeding through the finite space. Ah, where is my infinite? The balance. Recognizing the feeling and sense of finite as if I had been looking down and suddenly I was being called to look up and see the infinite ocean before me in water and air. A shift. Yes. Shifts to this feel and shifts to that feel. Some feel more a mix than others. Can I accept wherever and whatever feels? Often the key. Can I know, someway, somehow it shifts for my beauty? Can I leave prior patterns and past experience be? Can I follow a current call without expecting it to feel good or look a certain way?

To the forest I went.

To be reconnected and reminded of the infinite me/we within. She took me and others I is. She was open to show me herself and play with me. Was I? Certainly was walking in a bit wobbly. Yet, accepted it was important to be here even if I didn’t know why. Funny too, isn’t mama, the backdrop or foreground to everything here. Look for a picture she doesn’t show in. Ah! Yes she feels me so. And on the walk I listen to Wayne’s book - There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem - I was appreciative for the invisible assist in shifts to feel greater wholeness in my inner personal view. As the ferns reached out to me and trees calmed my senses, sunlight poured into the damp green ease and somehow I lifted. A reminder of where I was and who I am. A transmitter of light too, in a forest of light with my own unique sight. The Sun beamed and the plants glistened as I began to do so as well. Finite was lifting some. I felt the oneness of...oh my, this is what it is. The radiant light of my soul. Saying where you sit in the light so matters to what you see on and beyond each tree. Obstacles or magic’s up to you. I chose the latter. Of course, I was coming from feeling the prior. It seems a way of things in this human suit. A process of expanding...maybe...for now. I stood with a slug moving along. A beautiful spirit here to deeper connect my own. Thank you! Fungi upon the tree too spoke and more and more I heard it all rather than simply the wallow of my finite. I was reimmersed into the magic of our infinite. Oh, did she put on a display to show! Ah, I walked out aglow. Heart opening more and more. The water is the water whether shined through or darkened upon. It’s still a beautiful element, as are all the others. As am I and you too.

And that is how I regularly see. So, when I don’t see that in me or you...something is moving through. I have had a propensity to hold onto the view of the thing moving through, cause in there is often the fear to let it seems that what I feel/hold is all there is. Hold what’s left. Until reminded, that is not so. A droplet from a tree leaf or a tree leaf falling will show there is plenty more movement to all our passing show.

Receive that so and more and more will flow.

Blessed be you my loves.

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