Blanket We Weave

A blanket

From where?

Is a plant a blanket?

We weave with them, so does that make it so?

Is fur and hair a blanket?

Is dirt a blanket?

Is snow?

Do blankets comfort or inhibit?

What is a blanket for?

What covers us so?

We all are under an invisible blanket of our own illusions.

And often, quite literally one is placed on/ around us right after birth.

Remember inner • outer...

Why else would we use blankets?

To match within?

To keep us warm?

When did we get cold?

What happened to born with all we need?

When I find myself in fear, terror, weary...I often feel chilled.

So what is that?

Have I shut down, truncated to my core, and froze still?

Am I then looking for my blanket?

Fear is a thing we speak of and yet I wonder...

What else are we not focused on, when caught up in fear?

It’s all happening at once.

All emotions available.

What will the body respond to...dominant one?

Where is my fire in fear?

See it’s funny, most fear I know is frozen.

People talk about fight/flight.

Yet, do we speak to the depths bringing that through...what do we fear?

Aka what is the danger?

And no matter what we attribute it to...

It ends up being our connection to ourselves/ relationship with Self.

We can look under abandon, not enough, this condition or that, etc...yet, it feels to me a type of weave of heavy constraint.

How do I reweave in tune to my natural blanket essence...the creation one that simply warms and comforts me in interconnected harmony.

A joyful spread.

We were sent into a blanket of disconnect.

To be imprinted with codes to play and maybe feel as if we frey in.

And its for me/ we to accept the weave and potentialitty to reweave in the Fresh Moving _______ energy of my/our infinite Soul Weave Blanket of Creation.

To play on a new weave in the blanket of life within🖌📗♻️🔀🏳️‍🌈


This is the strength and beauty in all we perceive.

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