Any Moment

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

You worked your whole life for this.

You went through it all for this.

Do this for you...

And you alone, you serve us all.

May the memories pour through to serve your will.

To fully open your heart.

To freely live in magic.

To open the doors for others and your past selves.

To honor your future self, who knows all is well.

Come my dear, meet me.

Meet me in your heart and soul.

Feel the drive and open.

Be fully in your I don’t care wild self.

Do what so many don’t have the opportunity to do.

Do what you are called to.

You hear it.

We got you.

Be free.

Be you through and through.

Its all you.

Hold the high line.

Spread the wings.

And land among the trees.

Fly baby fly.

Soar to places of dreams.

We all agreed to meet here.

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